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We would like to establish the "Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum"

 A Sicilian-born man who traveled all the way from Rome suddenly appeared on the south coast of Yakushima. The villager who encountered the man in the pine forest, offered a drink of water and invited him to his house.

 This is a real history that happened more than 300 years ago.

 Arai Hakuseki, confucian scholar who cross-examined the man in Edo, wrote "Seiyo Kibun”, which gave the Japanese a new international perspective, and had a big influence on Japanese history.

 ​Then, in the summer of 2014, exactly 300 years after his death, the remains of a man were accidently unearthed, making news that shocked the world.

“Let us tell the story of this man, Father Sidotti”

 We would like to establish the "Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum" and foster a place that connects history, nature and people.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Yakushima has not only a World Natural Heritage Site, but also the footprints of a man who has influenced the history of Japan. We want to create a place to think about that man.

The once-in-a-lifetime contact between the priest, Father Sidotti and the villager, Tobei, is a remarkable story. This encounter may have been coincidental but not inconsequential.

From the landing monument, church, and to the memorial museum. As a heritage that connects from the past and entrusts to the next generation, dreams will continue into the future.

Would you like to create your place together in Yakushima? We would be grateful if you could put your thoughts into the building.

Request for cooperation

Make your thought part of the building

After confirming the name of the person who donated we plan to stamp the name of the donor on the Yakushima cedar plate and display it in the Museum.

The Life of  Sidotti


Tomoko Furui, an author living in Koidomari Yakushima who had a close friendship with the late Father Contarini, serialized the life of Father Sidotti in the local quarterly magazine "Island of Life" with the intention of inheriting the wishes of the priest and finished one book and published in 2010. In 2018 after the remains of Father Sidotti were discovered, an expanded version was released, and an Italian version and a French version were also published.

Italian version
French version
Japanese expanded version

 The play "Sidotti Landing Story" by the theater group "Island Cousin", which was formed by volunteers including children from Koshima Ward and Hirauchi Ward in Yakushima to comfort Father Contarini who was fighting illness. It's a skit of about 15 minutes, but it shows the heartwarming exchange between Sidotti and the villagers. Many local residents such as the head of Koshima ward, local elementary and junior high school teachers, electronics store owners, farmers, guides practiced every evening at the Koshima Community Center, and on February 28, 1998, it performed on the stage at the Yakushima Town General Center.  Tomoko Furui wrote the script and directed the play.

 Currently, "Theatrical Company the Yakuza" led by local playwright Junko Matsumoto is producing a new full-scale play. stay tuned.

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