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About NPO Yakushima Future Works

 In October 2021, we launched the voluntary organization "Yakushima Future Works " and organized the Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum Establishment Preparatory Committee to prepare for lectures, exchange meetings, study sessions, and website transmission. On March 27, 2022, we held the " Non-Profit Organization Yakushima Future Works" establishment general meeting, and on May 20, 2022, we were officially certified by the Kagoshima prefecture and started activities as an NPO.

  • For enrollment (regular members, supporting members, group members) and support, please contact us by e-mail.

  • Membership fee 1000 yen (annual)

Taking over the activities of the predecessor NPO corporation

 With the theme of "From Yakushima to the future," the NPO Yakushima Eco Festa has been focusing on CO2-free promotion projects and environmental education for the construction of a sustainable society on Yakushima, a registered World Natural Heritage site, for 20 years. We will take over the philosophy and we will strive to discover the history and culture of the region with the SDGs as a pillar and develop it into activities that conveys the charm of Yakushima, not just nature.

 The main active contents are (1) Environmental culture creation activities, (2) Environment, history, and culture dissemination and enlightenment activities, (3) Environment-friendly product development and eco-shop support business, and at the same time, people gather by holding lectures and exhibitions. The basic concept is to build a place to learn and help each other.

Aiming to create a space where history, nature and people are connected

 The focus of the NPO Yakushima Future Works over the next few years will be the recognition of the Italian priest Sidotti, who landed on Yakushima in the middle of the Edo period in 1708 and was also mentioned in Arai Hakuseki's Seiyo Kibun. We aim to establish the "Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum" in order to send a story with a message. By building a sympathetic space along the SDGs that embodies the organic connection of history, nature, and people through collaborative work with the community, we will disseminate the "new story" of Yakushima and provide education, welfare, and a meeting place.

 In the future, we plan to develop various activities centered on the Memorial Museum such as digging up the unknown history of Yakushima, conducting interviews, preserving the environment, and developing ecological regional special products such as pesticide-free vegetables and rice.

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