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Terms of Service

This homepage is operated by the "Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Hall Establishment Preparatory Committee" (hereinafter referred to as "this committee"). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and agree to them before using. In addition, by using it, we assume that you have agreed to all of the following terms and conditions.

1. Temporary suspension of homepage provision

If we determine that it is necessary to temporarily suspend the provision of this website due to natural disasters such as server system maintenance, failure, fire, power outage, earthquake, etc., we will temporarily provide this website without prior notice. It may be interrupted. We are not responsible for any damage caused by this interruption.

2. Disclaimer

Information is posted on this website with the utmost care. However, the information on the homepage may contain technically and temporally inaccurate statements and typographical errors. We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, usefulness, or suitability for the purpose of all the information provided on this website. In addition, we are not responsible for any damages caused by software or hardware accidents caused by using this website, troubles between users or between users and third parties, and other accidents. I will not bear it. In addition, the terms of use may be changed without notice. In that case, please note that the changed terms of use will apply.

3. Handling of personal information

For the handling of personal information on this website, please see " Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) ".

4. About linked sites
Link to this homepage

As a general rule, you are free to link to this website. If you want to link, please contact the following in advance with the operator of the homepage of the link source, the purpose of the link, the URL of the page of the link source, etc. As a general rule, we will not contact you regarding the content you sent, but in some cases we may decline the link. In addition, links from homepages that are slanderous, misleading, or offensive to public order and morals are strictly prohibited.
Unless you have a specific reason, please link to the top page of this website in principle. Please note that the addresses of individual page links on this website are subject to change. Please use the "Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Hall Establishment Preparatory Committee" for the notation when linking to this website.

Link from this homepage

The contents of the homepage of a third party (hereinafter referred to as "link site") that links to this homepage or from this homepage are operated and managed under the responsibility of each linked site. Regarding the use of linked sites, please follow the terms of use and copyright of each linked site. We are not responsible for the contents of the links or any damage caused by using them.

5. Contact us

For inquiries regarding terms of use , please send from the following

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Thank you for your donation and cooperation.

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