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 Today's Mt.Mimi 

Mt.Mimi(Mt. Madonna)

 Mt. Mimi (1202m) is one of the three mountains of Onoaida, which has long been a symbol of mountain worship in the region, along with Mt. Motchomu (944m) and Mt. Wariishi (1410m). The appearance of two giant stones protruding together is like a bust of the Virgin Mary holding a young Christ. Depending on the weather and light conditions when viewed from the front yard of Yakushima Church, it also suggests, Mary holding Christ after his martyrdom. Locally, it is also called "Mt.Madonna ".


"Pieta" 1497-1500 by Michelangelo

(Vatican St. Peter's Basilica)


Madonna del Granduca

1506 by Raffaello

(Florence Pitti Museum)

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