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1. Gallery space

 The gallery section expresses the life and historical background of Father Sidotti. A long space holding panels (documents, photographs illustrations), movies, artifacts.

2. Annex cafe

 Due to the need for full-time staff, a cafe with shop will be set up.  A café featuring Italian and Japanese tastes using local materials which also be a space for meetings, lectures, and social events.

3. 2nd floor observation space

 A large veranda will above the cafe and up the circular staircase. It overlooks farmland and with a panoramic view of Yakushima’s beautiful southern mountains. The surrounding views changes its color depending on the season, and people can also take out from the cafe.

​4.Landing coast observation area

 A western corner of the site will have space looking west along the coast to the place Father Sidotti came to shore.

5.Guest house

 Planned if we have the budget. The sales of accommodations will cover the expenses of the memorial museum.








Building specifications

It will be a wooden building using Yakushima wood and natural materials. (Approximately 130 square meters)

The exhibition space and custom-made cafe furniture are mainly made of wood.

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