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“Project to disseminate and raise awareness of Sidotti's achievements in spreading Western culture'' ! Announcement of panel exhibition and lecture.

April 15, 2024

Approximately 25 panels will be on display at the panel exhibition "Sidotti's Legacy" from May 3rd (Friday) to May 15th (Wednesday). "Blaeu's New World Map" used by Hakuseki Arai during his interrogation (photocopy, owned by the National Museum), "Mary of the Thumb" that Sidotti brought with him (photocopy, owned by the National Museum), The first editions of Hakuseki’s “Seiyokibun'', as well as Sidotti's life and the process of making his restoration (provided by the National Museum of Nature and Science) will be introduced on the monitor.

May 19th (Sunday) 13:00-15:00 Lecture "Reading the Bones! Father Sidotti's Last Message", Dr. Kazuhiro Sakaue (National Museum of Nature and Science, Department of Human Research), familiar from TV, will talk about his thoughts from a scientific perspective, from analysis to creating a composite face. Absolutely interesting!


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