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“Sea of ​​Sidotti”Painting・Atsushi Kurotobi

As Arai Hakuseki wrote in Seiyo Kibun,

a study of western civilization based on Sidotti's cross-examination,

Father Sidotti's landing on Yakushima is an historical fact.

It is a story that should be handed down.

This history was little known until the last century

when its significance has finally become clear.

We now want to leave the regacy in a new way.

On the grounds of the "Sidotti Memorial Church" on Yakushima,

there is about 1320 square meters of flat land.

From there you can see the beautiful green mountains,

if you turn your gaze, you can also see the blue ocean

hitting a steep cliff and raising white waves.

In the fall, the area is colorfully dyed with sunflower and cosmos flowers.

In this lovely place, it would be great

if we could honor Father Sidotti's achievements and

recreate the contact between foreigner and villager over 300 years ago.

It would be even nicer to have a place

where people visiting Yakushima and us in the local area

could chat with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

Our goal is to build the "Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum.

​ We think it's a tough road.

But like stacking stones one by one

we hope we can take steps toward the realization of our dreams

with our supporters.

Through this homepage

by disseminating our activities and dreams,

with people who sympathize with us and who want to support our activities

we hope we can move forward.

Thank you for your cooperation.


NPO Yakushima Future Works 

"Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum Establishment Executive Committee"

Director  Tomoko Furui (Author of “The Last Missionary, Sidotti”)

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