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  Encounter with Tobei in Koidomari Village

 At midnight on October 11, 1708, Sidotti and the captain and six others left the ship in a small boat and landed on the south shore of Yakushima, leaving two guard sailors in the boat and climbed the rocks on the quay. When they saw the way to the village, the party said goodbye, and Sidotti remained there. The captain and others returned to the small boat and went back to the ship after 4 am.

 The next day, October 12, after noon, Tobei of Koidomari Village, who came to cut firewood in Matsushita as usual, heard a voice from behind, and looking back, saw a strange man who looked like a foreigner, but dressed a samurai. The man beckoned and made a gesture like drinking water toward Tobei and noticed Tobei who seems to be afraid of the sword he wears, so he pulled out the sword and put it on the ground. Tobei gave him water from the water bottle he had but thought that he could not handle this situation by himself, so he left to find two friends from the village and came back to the place the man stayed.

 The three consulted and speculated that he might be a drifter and decided to take him to Tobei's house. It seemed that the man was tired, so one carried his sword, and other carried a black bag that the man had, and Tobei lent his shoulders to the and returned to Koidomari Village to give him some foods.

 The man spent about 10 days at the house of Tobei until he was arrested by the order of the Satsuma Domain. The villagers took care of him, never accepting the gold offered by him with gratitude.

 After that, during the six years in Japan until he was martyred at the Edo Christian Mansion, was the only time for Sidotti to freely interact with ordinary Japanese people, the villagers of Yakushima.

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