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The 38th anniversary celebration of Father Sidotti's landing in Yakushima was held.

November 23rd, 2023

On a holiday bathed in summer-like sunshine, the 38th annual “Father Sidotti Landing Festival in Yakushima'' was held. This year, the 315th anniversary of the landing, a ceremony was held in front of the landing monument, sponsored by Yakushima Town and the Yakushima Town Board of Education, and about 80 people attended. Tomoko Furui, representing the NPO Yakushima Future Works, gave a lecture about the history of establishing the monument over the past 38 years and her aspirations for establishing the Sidotti Memorial Museum.

Next, at a social gathering at the Koshima Community Center, we screened the video “Sidotti's Life'' and reported on the NPO's activities over the past year. Mayor Koshima, NPO Vice Director Hitoshi Arai, and Auditor Eriko Hashimoto also gave comments and expressed their passion for establishing the Memorial Museum.


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