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Face-to-face class for students at Ozora High School

August 22, 2023

With the theme of "Sidotti's Legacy," Tomoko Furui gave a face-to-face lecture to 23 students from Ozora High School at the Koshima Community Center.

After watching a video of ``Sidotti's Life,'' each group of students was asked to think about 11 legacies related to Sidotti; which one was most memorable and why. As expected, the most popular scenes were the scene where Sidotti encountered Tobei in Yakushima and the scene where his remains were discovered in Tokyo.

After about 40 minutes of lecture, we looked at a painting of the encounter between Sidotti and Tobei at Yakushima Church and looked out over Sidotti’s landing site from near where the Memorial Museum will be built.

In class, we defined legacy as "something we leave behind for the future."


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