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The lecture at the Nagasaki Local Materials Center (Prefectural Library) ended with a full house.

September 23, 2023

The Nagasaki Local Materials Center (Prefectural Library) is the place where the Nagasaki Magistrate was located during the Edo period.

Yes, this is where Sidotti was held and interrogated for nearly a year.

The interpreter was Eisei Imamura Gen'emon, an interpreter of Dutch, and Imamura later went to Edo with Sidotti, served as an interpreter for Arai Hakuseki, and became a major force in writing “Seiyokibun'' and ”Sairaiigen.''

Tomoko Furui gave a lecture on the theme of “Dutch Interpreter Eisei Imamura and Father Sidotti,'' reconsidering the significance of giving a lecture in the same place where Sidotti stayed 315 years ago.


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