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The Observation Tower Overlooking the Sidotti Landing Site has been completed.

April 27th, 2024

With a grant from the Morimura Houmeikai Foundation, an observation tower overlooking the Sidotti landing site was built at the planned construction site of the Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum.

It is approximately 1km in a straight line from the observation tower to the landing point, a cove called Senbagaura. Standing on the deck overlooking the sea, it is a superb viewpoint where you can see the photogenic scenery of the sunset in the direction of the landing site.

It is sure to become a new highlight spot in Yakushima.

Observation Tower Overlooking the Sidotti Landing Site

Completion: April 2024

Design & Construction: William Brouwer

Cooperation: Koshima Ward, Yakushima Town / Takakazu Miyahara

Grant : Morimura Houmeikai Foundation 


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