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At the Reiwa 5th year Kagoshima Prefecture Yakushima Office community-based training, Tomoko Furui gave a lecture to approximately 25 prefectural employees.

February 21, 2024

At the Kagoshima Prefecture Kumage Branch Yakushima Office conference room, Tomoko Furui gave a lecture titled “Sidotti's Legacy: Handing down the story of the voyage to Yakushima 316 years ago'' at the Reiwa 5th year community-based training of the Kagoshima Prefecture Yakushima Office.

Approximately 25 Kagoshima prefecture employees from various departments participated. We received comments such as “I was impressed'' and “I was surprised.'' It was a great opportunity for them to learn about the unknown history of Yakushima and deepen their understanding.

Folklore scholar Tsuneichi Miyamoto states, “Accepting diverse values ​​that change by introducing values ​​from outside is an image of the common people who are not closed-minded but full of importance.'' Regarding the meeting and interaction between Sidotti and Tobei, some people said that this quote resonated with them the most.


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