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Visit to the Catholic Tamatsukuri Church and had a pleasant chat with Vatican representative Father Nuno Lima.

February 6th, 2024

Father Nuno Lima, a Portuguese, gave a lecture on Sidotti at the Catholic Tamatsukuri Church (Osaka Takamatsu St. Mary's Cathedral) on Christmas 2022, and introduced our NPO's activities to establish the Sidotti Memorial Museum. The Director, Tomoko Furui was finally able to visit him to express our gratitude.

The church is located very close to Osaka Castle and is home to Cardinal Manyo Maeda and

a large pipe organ with 2400 pipes, the stone statue and large mural of Ukon Takayama who is closely related to Sidotti and many colorful stained glasses decorating the walls were impressive. During her two-hour conversation, she received valuable suggestions regarding future panel exhibitions and lectures in the Kansai region from Father Nuno.


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