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"Reimeikan” will co-sponsor the "Sidotti Legacy Exhibition" from May 30th to June 25th!

April 27th, 2023

The exhibition at the "Kagoshima History and Culture Center Reimeikan", which we have been looking for since March this year, will be held from May 30th to June 25th, sponsored by NPO Yakushima Future Works and co-sponsored by Reimeikan.

President Tomoko Furui and Secretary General Atsuko Abe went to Kagoshima on a day trip to preview the venue and have meetings with the curator. Mr. Hitoshi Terada and Mr. Yasumitsu Kawagoe, members of our group, supported us at the site.

Reimeikan is a facility in Kagoshima Prefecture that was built on the ruins of Tsurumaru Castle, which was the residence of the Shimazu clan. The largest castle gate in Japan, the "Goromon", which was restored in 2020 at the front entrance of the museum, has become a hot topic.


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