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Radio broadcast on Stand FM has started.

October 1, 2023

We has started broadcasting the stand FM “Lots of Yakushima Stories,today too”

where Tomoko Furui talks about Sidotti either alone or with various guests.

The 1st is an interview with Tomoko Furui that was broadcast on MBC Radio's "Yakushima Time", and the 2nd is an interview with Kyoto University faculty member Mika Shimizu at the okonomiyaki restaurant "Komorebi" run by Akiko Tateishi in Miyanoura, Yakushima. They had fun talking while eating okonomiyaki.

An hour passed quickly as Mika talked about the similarities between the Resilience thinking she is researching and the concept of the “Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum”.

On Stand FM, we are giving you a shortened version.


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