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Director Tomoko Furui became a lecturer in a face-to-face class at Ozora High School.

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

September 1,2022

 Tomoko Furui served as a lecturer in a face-to-face class at KTC Gakuen Yakushima Ozora High School (correspondence high school) and gave a lecture to 14 students from the geography and history department on the theme of "Sidotti and Yakushima." Afthe the lecture in the Catholic Yakushima Church for about an hour, we went outside, and she gave an outdoor lecture while walking to the landing site and the landing monument.

 Although the weather occasionally rained, the students listened to the lectures with great enthusiasm, and the following day, we received wonderful feedback from them. The students learned about the history of Yakushima and shared a very meaningful and enjoyable time with us.


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