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"Yakushima Sidotti Landing Memorial Day " for the first time in three years.

November 23,2022

 The 37th "Yakushima Sidotti Landing Memorial Day " was held, and preparations were made for the exhibition at the Koshima community center from 10:00 in the morning. Along with the architectural model of the Memorial Museum, the first editions of books which Arai Hakuseki wrote based of the conversations with Sidotti, as well as the photo-printed version of the "Logbook" written by the captain of the ship Sidotti traveled in 1708 are on display. We also prepared various panels and videos. 

After the ceremony in front of the Landing Monument, Tomoko Furui gave a lecture at the community center where exhibits were lined up from 4:00 pm. About 60 people gathered from far away Sicily, where Father Sidotti was born, Tokyo, and Fukuoka, as well as Yakushima’s locals.

Father Tsuzukibashi of the Tokyo Franciscan Order showed a hand-made diorama-style "Christian Mansion" and mentioned that the foundation of Japan, a technological superpower, began with Sidotti.


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