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The exhibition " Sidotti’s Legacy” has started at Yakushima Environmental Culture Village Center.

January 19, 2023

 An exhibition sponsored by the NPO Yakushima Future Works, " Sidotti's Legacy: Passing Down the Voyage to Yakushima 315 Years Ago " has started at the Community Hall of the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center.

Sponsored by: Minami Nippon Newspaper, Yakushima Town, Yakushima Town Board of Education, Yakushima Tourism Association, Catholic Diocese of Kagoshima.

 Along with the "Logbook" of the ship that carried Sidotti from Manila to Yakushima, "Blau's New World Map" used by Hakuseki Arai during his interrogation, and the first edition of "Seiyo Kibun" by Hakuseki Arai, the panels of nine legacies related to Sidotti are included.

The 1/20 architectural model of the Yakushima Sidotti Memorial Museum is also on display.

 Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the facial reconstruction made from Sidotti's remains has not yet arrived from the National Museum of Nature and Science.


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