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The play "Sidotti Landing Story"

The play "Sidotti Landing Story" by the theater company "Island Cousin", which was formed by volunteers including children from Kojima Ward and Hirauchi Ward to comfort Father Contalini who is fighting illness. It's a skit of about 15 minutes, but it shows the heartwarming exchange between Sidotti and the villagers. Many local residents such as the ward mayor, local elementary and junior high school teachers, electronics store owners, farmers, guides, and architects practice every evening at the Kojimaku Community Center, and in February 1998, Yakushima Lifelong Learning at the Abo General Center. It was announced on the stage of the tournament. The script and director is Tomoko Furui, a writer.

Currently, the local playwright Junko Matsumoto's "Theatrical Company THE Yakuza" is producing a new full-scale play.

stay tuned.

"The Last Bantenren Sidotti"
Japanese supplement

Tomoko Furui, a writer living in Yakushima Koimari who had a close friendship with the late Father Contalini, serialized the life of Father Sidotti in the local quarterly magazine "Island of Life" with the intention of inheriting the wishes of the priest. "Bantenren Sidotti") and published in 2010 (new character coming and going company). In 2018 after the remains were discovered, an expanded version (Keibunsha) was released, and an Italian version and a French version were also published. rice field.

Italian version (left) French version (right)
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