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Visited the Shusaku Endo Literary Museum.

October 21, 2023

The special exhibition at Oura Cathedral Christian Museum has ended. The day after the exhibit was removed, we traveled to the north of Nagasaki City and visited the Endo Shusaku Literary Museum in Higashishitsu. From the windows of the museum, we could clearly see the Goto Islands across the ocean.

We also visited historical sites of Hidden Christians that were the background of the novel "Silence” and had time to think about the mysterious connection between Sidotti and the Chara who is the model for the novel's main character.

Chara died 24 years before Sidotti was brought to the Christian Mansion in Edo. Chosuke and Haru took care of the two priests. In 2014, exactly 300 years after their death, the couple’s remains were discovered with Sidotti. This was also moving strange fate of them.


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